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Acquiring Accurate Body Temperature

Accurately deriving body temperature from skin measurements is an engineering feat.

Tempdrop uses two temperature sensors and an acceleration sensor that measures three-axis acceleration (x, y, and z).

Combined with a learning algorithm that can learn personal sleeping temperature patterns and our patent-pending Active Temperature-Noise Cancellation (ATNC™) filtering algorithm that cancels out external interferences with temperature readings (such as blankets or sleeping positions), Tempdrop is uniquely able to arrive at accurate body temperature patterns after 14 days of collection.

Connecting The Dots, Learning Your Patterns

The real magic of Tempdrop starts after 30 days of data collection. Our learning algorithm that identifies nightly and monthly patterns will adjust your previous results after each new reading, gradually getting smarter as it learns your unique sleeping temperature pattern.

After two-three months, Tempdrop will be able to smooth out occasional nights out drinking or bouts of illness and generate clear charts of your cycle. Because of our unique approach to measuring and tracking sleep temperature, Tempdrop works wonders for shift workers, breastfeeding moms, and those with irregular cycles due to PCOS and other causes.

*If you are using Tempdrop as a tool to prevent pregnancy naturally, we recommend tracking your oral basal body temperature (BBT) for two months to validate that Tempdrop’s readings correlate with your BBT chart. It’s normal for Tempdrop results to be slightly higher than oral BBT readings.

Your Data, Your Choice

Our greatest responsibility is caring for the personal health data you track with Temp drop. As part of our commitment to keeping your data safe and private, you always have the option to access, download, or permanently delete your data history.
Tempdrop is completely safe to use. The Tempdrop sensor silently logs your sleep data while you wear it and only communicates with our servers when you take it off to sync your data. There is no active wireless communication while you wear Tempdrop.
Lifelong Companion
The data that Tempdrop collects belongs to you and you will always have access to it. As your needs and desires change over time, Tempdrop will be there for you, helping you to trust your body and make conscious decisions. No matter your reason for racking, your choice of fertility awareness method, or your preference for charting apps, it’s our mission to put a tool in your hands that supports you always.

Ease Of Use

We see Tempdrop as a lifelong companion, so we built it to be easy to use and loaded it with options.

  • Instead of locking you into a specific symptothermal method (STM), we give you your data to do with as you please. Tempdrop automatically integrates with Android’s Ovuview, but our data can be manually inputted into the charting app of your choice.
  • Our sensor doesn’t require charging and comes with a standard watch battery that doesn’t need to be changed for six to nine months.
  • We offer industry-leading warranty and return options. With Tempdrop Care, you can get coverage against unlimited damage or loss incidents - and the first replacement sensor is free!
  • Finally, our large and growing community features tens of leading thinkers and teachers in the fertility space and thousands of STM devotees. If you’re new to STM, or a practiced hand, you’ll find a warm and welcoming space to continue your fertility journey.