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What is Tempdrop?

Tempdrop is a personalized user-specific thermometer that learns how each  woman’s minute, daily temperature variations correlate with her specific hormonal fluctuations throughout the ovulatory cycle. Tempdrop can identify recurring temperature patterns up to 5 days before ovulation with pioneering precision. This is used to predict and pinpoint ovulation both for getting pregnant and as a form of natural contraception.

Powered by our patented Active Temperature Noise Cancellation™ technology (ATNC), Tempdrop’s accuracy is achieved using multiple sensors and an algorithm developed by top engineers and doctors. Tempdrop is the most affordable and versatile power tool for tracking your fertility, turning every smartphone into a sophisticated fertility monitor.

Worn during sleep, Tempdrop saves women from having to wake up at the same time each morning, often before they’d prefer. Compatible with multiple fertility apps and running on a 6-month, easily replaceable single coin cell battery, Tempdrop is designed to be hassle-free.

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